Oatmeal Cashew Cookies with Frosting!

These cookies are tasty, though they take a little bit of time to prepare, they are great to have on hand, AND my 15 year old sister enjoyed them!!! (She never likes anything raw I make, so this made me rather happy)!! Enjoy!!

The Sara Kay Favorite! <3
The Sara Kay Favorite!

Cookies – 1 point/cookie

2 C rolled oats – soaked for 4 hours, drained

1 C rolled oats – dry

2 C soaked, raw cashews-  (if you’re not in a rush, dehydrate them after soaking and sprouting, then use-optional)

1/4 C cacao powder or cacao nibs

2 Tbsp honey

In a food processor with an S blade, blend the soaked oats, cashews and honey until forming a dough like consistency.  Transfer to a large mixing bowl and by hand mix in the cacao powder/nibs and the dry oats.

Using a tablespoon, form small cookies and place on a lined dehydrator tray.  Dehydrate at 105 degrees for 4 hours, flip and dehydrate an additional 4 hours.

Frosting* – 1 point/Tbsp

3/4 C soaked cashews

1/2 C almond milk

1/4 C cacao

2 Tbsp honey

1 Tbsp carob

1/4 tsp vanilla

In a high speed blender combine all ingredients until smooth.  Transfer to a pastry bag, or a ziplock bag and refrigerate.  Once the cookies are done dehydrating, cut a corner off of the ziplock bag and squeeze frosting onto one cookie.  Make a cookie sandwich if you so desire. Enjoy!

1 Cookie sandwich = 3 points

*The frosting can be used to make cookies as well, spread the frosting into small rounds on a dehydrator tray, top with fresh fruit and dehydrate for 10 hours!


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