Health for $7.33/day!

If you are sitting here reading this, it means, for some reason or another, you wish you felt a little better than you currently feel.  More and more of you are joining me on this journey, and I am so excited you are seeing positive results!  I love that many of you have chosen to take this journey with a friend.  A support system helps any new lifestyle, seem easier.

In an earlier post, I recommended the fastest way to have more energy and vitality.  But, you might not be so sure, so I am suggesting the 2nd best program which will nourish and cleanse your body, on a cellular level.  If you can commit to following my program over the next 3 months, with these simple additions to your daily life, you will feel awesome.–>join (in red on the top right), joining is free–>united states–> join now under sunrider customer.  Fill out all the information and when there is an ** next to something, it means it’s optional.  Then when it asks who referred you type in “Julie Auerbach” USA, e-mail “”  You’ll need to create your own login and ID. (if you have a friend signing up as well, have them put your e-mail address, not mine).

 When you place your order, your shopping cart should end up looking like this:

I am here to answer your questions!

To feeling alive,


P.S. To receive a 20% discount on all future orders, sign up for the fortune delight business pack!!


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