Tomato Bisque Soup!

I have gotten really into juicing lately, and I realized I am left throwing out a ridiculous amount of pulp from the fruits and veggies I am juicing.  Tonight I decided to take some of the pulp from my tomato-carrot juice and make a tomato bisque soup!

Whether you juice or not, I recommend making this soup from the entire vegetables or from the pulp because it is delicious 🙂

To feeling alive!

Chef Raw Raw

Tomato Bisque Soup!
Tomato Bisque Soup!

2 tomatoes – pulp only

1 lb carrots – pulp only (or 6 carrots)

1 apple

1 avocado

2 cloves garlic

3 sundried tomatoes – soaked + 1/2 C soaking water

2 TBSP dried basil (or fresh if you have).

1 pinch Himalayan Pink Salt

Put all ingredients in blender.  Add water or your carrot-tomato juice to adjust the consistency. Enjoy!


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