My Raw Transition

It’s hard to tell you my story in hindsight because it’s hard to remember all of the pain and illness I was feeling.  Especially because I don’t have these problems anymore!  However, if you’re down for a journey then let’s start at the beginning.

Headaches – ever since I was 6 or 7, daily.  I would take advil or IB profin.  – Hey, did you know it was recently discovered advil is bad for you?  Go figure, maybe that’s what caused the ulcer and hiatal hernia I had when I was a sophomore in college.

Digestive problems:  This is the nice way of saying that I used to time my meals based on how close a bathroom was to me.  No matter what it is I was eating, I would end up hurled over with stomach pains and the only way for them to go away was by laying in fetal position.  I used to miss evenings out with friends, going on hikes, or doing anything active because I was AFRAID I might need to go to the bathroom, or end up in pain and need to go home.  I underwent endoscopies, and a colonoscopy, and the doctors didn’t find anything.  Somehow though, I was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowl syndrome, DUH) and a mild case of colitis; i.e. the Dr.’s had no clue what was wrong, but everyone likes a diagnosis.  Right?

Immune DiseaseAlopecia Areata.  Alopecia is an auto-immune disease which causes your hair to fall out.  The only other symptom linked to alopecia is ridges in your nails.  Most people link those ridges to an iron deficiency, which I had also been diagnosed with in high school, but it is also common in alopecia “victims.”  As my hair began falling out, I went to a dermatologist who was giving me steroid shots, filled with cortisone, to stimulate the hair growth and make my hair grown back.  Well, thanks a lot Dr.  I know you were trying your hardest but after the 200th shot in my head, I decided that wasn’t the correct route for me.  And PS.  When you recommended the other “treatments” for alopecia like the head cream that might die my head and shower black due to the ingredients in it, and the pills I could take which might cause pancreas problems or other serious side effects, I think you were going down the wrong path.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep me healthy, but by offering me these other treatments, which might ultimately damage me worse, I don’t believe you were looking out for MY BEST INTEREST.

Circulation problems – my fingers and toes would occasionally go numb.  One time, my fingers actually turned BLACK.  You probably think I mean blue, but no, I’m not exaggerating.  My nails were dark as night and the skin on my fingers leading down to my hands were turning dark.  They were cold, and this really freaked me out.  I happened to be at synagogue, (church), filled with doctors, and I showed one Dr. who actually thought I had black nail polish on.  He suggested I go see another doctor.  Gee, thanks.

Heartburn, headaches, advil and prilosec seemed to be part of my daily routine from age 18-22 and to me that seemed, NORMAL.

How wrong was I!  I had been putting my trust in the hands of the doctors, but I am to blame for all of my problems.  All of my problems were due to the unhealthy lifestyle I was living, but I was going to the doctors explaining my symptoms, and being treated for those symptoms.  What I really needed was to find the cause of my problems and fix the root problem, rather than trying to fix the symptoms.

In May of 2008 my health, to be blunt, had gone to shit.  My hair was falling out, the only food I could eat without going to the bathroom immediately after was chicken, turkey, plain lettuce and white bread.  My blood results were coming back off the charts perfect, and the doctors were telling me NOTHING WAS WRONG.  Well, I disagreed with them and decided I needed to TAKE MY HEALTH, INTO MY OWN HANDS.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Have you ever heard the saying, you are only as strong as your weakest link?  I like to think about the cells that make up my body as the links in my chain.  If I do not have healthy cells, my entire body is not going to work at its optimal ability.

I began learning about the human body.  Our bodies are made up of 5 systems: digestive, immune, circulatory, respiratory and endocrine systems.  Every human body is made of these 5 systems and all of our systems must work together to make sure our body runs smoothly.  Imagine a chariot being carried by 4 horses.  If one of those horses is not moving at the same speed as the other 3 horses, the chariot is not going to move.  Even if those 3 horses work their hardest to make up for that 4th, slacking horse, those 3 horses are going to get tired faster for picking up the slack.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to make that 4th horse better so he can run along-side his chariot horse friends?

Well, our bodies work exactly the same way.  When one of our systems is not functioning properly the other systems are going to try to compensate for the weak systems.  The over-working systems will then slowly degenerate themselves.

So, how can I take my health into my own hands?  THROUGH FOOD!  The food I put into my mouth, will determine how I feel.

Let me try to break this down for you in the most simple way possible.  Food is fuel for my body.  Similarly to plants, we need sunlight, (vitamin D), water, oxygen, and nutrition to help us grow.   Let’s picture an apple tree.  When I eat an apple that has fallen from a tree I am eating that apple in its most raw state.  The sunlight, and the energy that went into the tree, the nutrition from the soil, and the air surrounding that tree are still in their most raw state and when I eat that apple, I am eating all of the raw, live energies and nutrients that went into producing that apple.

When food is raw, all of the enzymes in the food are alive.  When I eat living foods, the food knows exactly where to go in my body.  My body does not need to work hard to break down the food because it is in its most raw, unaltered state of being.  When I cook food however, the properties in the food are altered.  When you cook food above 118 degrees you kill the enzymes that were once living and giving that food its life force.  By bringing heat to food, you are not only killing the food, but you are also killing the energy that was needed to help produce that food.  When you eat raw food, you eat live, positive energy.  When you eat dead food, you are consuming, negative energy which creates toxins in your body.  Additionally, because the food is not alive, your body needs to use its own energy to break down the food you just ate, and figure out where it should go in your body.

THINK ABOUT THIS:  You go out to dinner, a fancy steak house.  You eat the most amazing Angus steak you could imagine, a big side of mashed potatoes, and some asparagus for some greens. When you are done, you sit back, unbotton your pants and you are so full, you can’t move.  You’re in the all too-well-known, “food-coma.”  Why is that?  Because the food you are eating has been so far removed from its original state, your body must use all of its energy to break down the food you ate, and figure out how it can be used as fuel to feed your body.  Because the food is not alive, it does not know where to go on it’s own and your energy must figure out where it belongs.

You know what confuses me more?  Somehow, about an hour after returning home from this amazing meal, I too often found myself standing in front of the fridge looking for something to eat.  Is it really possible that I am hungry again?!

To be honest, YES!  It is possible!  Even though I just ate a huge meal, because it had to be dissected inside, by the time it was all broken down and distributed, my cells, were not fed.  The cells, that make up my body, were still starving!  Ahhh, now we’re starting to get somewhere. How can I feed my cells, so they feel nourished and full?  That constant feeling of being hungry or unsatisfied is because my cells are not getting the proper attention they need.

Alright, so now I understand I need to feed my body the proper, raw nutrition in order to feel truly satisfied, but that’s only part of the story.  The other part of the story is needing to remove all of the waste my body is not using as fuel.  The lovely cleansing process.  In my personal case, I knew the cleansing state all too well, since no food was staying with me.  But, I was cleansing too much and not nourishing myself enough.

I was learning about my body and the importance of nourishing and cleansing, and then I learned that my mind needs that same attention, nourishment and cleansing.  As I began learning more and more about the power of my mind, and how I have the POWER to CREATE my own REALITY, I remembered that ever since I was a little girl, I had complained of horrible headaches behind my left ear, and had began verbalizing to people that my hair was falling out.  Sure, everyone doubted me, said I was crazy, but for some reason I was convinced my hair was going to fall out.

In May of 2008 when I went in to the hair dresser and she found a bald spot behind my left ear, I realized I was to blame.  the only reason for this hair loss was partly due to my own powerful mind.  Thanks a lot, Julie.  Maybe if I had learned this powerful tool at a younger age I could have been saying “by the time I’m 24 years old, I’ll be a billionaire.”


HEALTH IS WEALTH: Most people spend all of their health trying to become wealthy, and then they spend their wealth trying to become healthy.  What a waste of time.  Why not do them both at once?

The Sunrider products are based on the eastern philosophy of regeneration.  If you can feed your body on a cellular level, you have the ability to regenerate your body.

Sunrider is based on the following 4 principles.

1)    Nourish + Cleanse = Balance

2)    Food not Chemicals

a.     Your body needs to eat food to heal itself, not the chemical form of food.

i.     For example:  If you want vitamin C – eat an orange.  When you buy vitamin C supplements from the market you are actually taking the isolated chemical (Ascorbic Acid) form of vitamin C.  Our bodies understand food, not chemicals.

3)    Variety

a.     We need a variety of foods to feed all of our systems

4)    Formulation and Concentration

a.     In order to feed your cells, you need the proper concentration of different foods, formulated in such a way that they remain in their WHOLE FOOD FORM.

If you can relate to anything I have shared with you, please understand from the bottom of my heart, all I want to do is help.  I have felt crappier than crap, BUT I now feel beyond AMAZING, and if you are willing to take control of your mind and body, I will give you the tools to help.  It will take FOCUS, COMMITMENT, and the WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE, but if you’re ready to show up, I will help you bring back your health.

Please contact me with any questions!

Have a wonderful day,

Lady Raw Raw


10 thoughts on “My Raw Transition

  1. Lady Raw raw,
    Awesome blog and great explanation of your journey, trials and now success!
    I look forward to continuing to read your blog and joining you on your journey!
    Daddy Raw Raw to be


  2. Hi there Julie, you’re an amazing lady… and deserve so much to feel amazing in every way possible. Thank you for sharing your story with the world, I learn so much from your experiences and hope to change mine with the same impact on my own health… thank you for being an inspiration~!


  3. Hi Julie, I too am using Sunrider. I have a friend who has Alopecia and wondered if using any specific product has helped your hair grow back? If it has gotten rid of the Alopecia? She doesn’t et the best and smokes and is under terrible stress.. She is using some of the basics but I skeptical and doesn’t want to spend a lot only to find it doesn’t work.. Any suggestions?


    1. Hi! Unfortunately I don’t think one product will help specifically with alopecia. All of the products are good for overall well being, and they might help! Recently I’ve been going to a kinesiologist and my hair has started growing back! I hope this helps! 🙂 thanks for reading my blog!


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