30 Day Raw Challenge!

This challenge is to set you up for Success, for the rest of your life.  I do not want to set you up for failure, while is why I made this challenge an 80/20 challenge.  80% my challenge to you, 20% your challenge to yourself.  For me, it is a 95%-5% challenge. 95% Raw, 5% Soul Food, from my SOOSHY paradigm: Soul Food only on Shabbat, Happy Days and Yom Tov.  

“Sharing is Caring” – wise people.

As children we are taught to share. “Sharing is caring,” my parents would say.  Now normally, as a child, whatever your parents are asking you to share, is likely something you really like, and don’t want to share.  Well, I have been given a gift, and I feel not sharing would be the worst thing in the world.

I have been given back MY HEALTH.  I used to feel really sick.  I used to time my meals based on how close the nearest bathroom happened to be.  I lost 96% of the hair on my head.  There were multiple instances, when I looked down to see my hands looked oddly blue.   I was SICK, and I realized I needed to try something other than the doctor route, because that wasn’t working for me.


Living foods.  Enzyme rich.  Nutrient dense.  Whole Foods.  Alive. Raw.  A friend of mine told me about the Chinese Philsophy of Regneration.  If you feed your cells, raw food, they have the ability to regenerate themselves.  Daily, our bodies are in a state of degenerating.  Fatigue, arthritis, aches, pains, and negative thoughts are all symtoms that occur because our bodies are becoming weaker.  Unless we feed our bodies with the nutrition they need to regnerate themselves, we are going to feel sick.  

Well, I felt sick and knew that if he had the answer to making me feeling healthy, I’d hear him out.  Well THANK-G-D I did, because here I am, to share my story, and my gift, with you.

Going raw for 30 days is a huge leap in life.  It forces you to grow, heal, fall, and get back-up, on an emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual level.  It will bring you down, to see if you are strong enough to fight back.  Your body will challenge your limits.  SO, as you can see, this 30-day raw challenge is not just a fad-diet I want you to try.  It is a gift, I am asking you to accept.  For 30 days.  

There is no expiration to this challenge.  You can start it whenever you’d like.  That could mean tomorrow, in 3 weeks, 3 months, WHENEVER!  BUT,  I am starting my 30 days raw (+ the past 3 months of my raw journey the rest of my blog speaks about), on June 1st.

I will use my blog as an online bulletin board for conversation.  I want to hear what you are going through.  I wan to support you while you struggle with those headaches, your runny nose, an old weird symptom that arises, that makes you want to pop some tylenol, or find a quick solution to – but choose not to, because you know your body is healing itself.  I want to be here for you!

If you want to do this the easiest way possible, I recommend purchasing a 30 day order of Sunrider food-grade supplements.  That’s how I did it, it worked for me, and I never worried about receiving the proper nutrition I needed, so that is what I recommend.

*Go to Sunrider.com–>join (in red on the top right), joining is
free–>united states–> join now under sunrider customer.  Fill out all the
information and when there is an ** next to something, it means it’s
optional.  Then when it asks who referred you type in “Julie Auerbach” USA,
e-mail “ladyrawraw9@gmail.com”  You’ll need to create your own login and ID.*

If you want to do it, without Sunrider, that’s great too, although, for real results, that last beyond your 30 day challenge, I HIGHLY recommend Sunrider.

To feeling alive!

Lady Raw Raw

May 22 from 1-2:30PM

**Nothing written on this blog is affiliated with Whole Foods Market.  Additionally, Julie is not a doctor.  Nothing I say is approved by the FDA, it is only my personal testimonial.**


3 thoughts on “30 Day Raw Challenge!

  1. Julie!!!! You are amazing! I am so moving and touched by who you are and what you are doing. Oh its Elani by the way. I have been doing raw on and off for the last four months now and I have less anxiety and more energy whenever I am eating primarily raw. I am going to join you on a 30 day raw challenge (right after my mom visits me:) Thanks for sharing your incredible journey and i love that I can be connected to you even though I have not seen your beautiful face in a long time.


  2. I’m going to try the Raw for 30 days….Hoping to lose the weight that is killing me …I’m 63 but very young minded, So I’m looking forward to your Diet……Gary


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