I’ve started my own raw-vegan cafe!!!! Bh!!!

I know it’s been a while, but I am SO excited to share that I am now the chef at the Natural Choice Cafe in the Jerusalem Open Market! (Known as “the Shuk”), in Israel!

Pictured above is the “Rawsome Cake.” A raw delicacy made with a crust including: sunflower seeds, almonds, tahini, dates, and a pinch of salt. Topped with a carob-date “cream.”

Located at 111 Agripas Street, right next door to the Natural Choice Bakery.

If you’d like to learn how to make this Rawsome Cake I am planning on putting together a cook starter to find my own “educational cooking space” where I will film FREE, Streaming online cooking classes! Please keep an eye out for the email with my campaign!

Please share this exciting news with everyone you know who likes DELICIOUS food! (That happens to be awesome for your body!!

If you want to tag me in anything on Facebook, just type “@ladyrawraw

Thanks for your support! Below is this weeks menu!

Natural choice cafe (111 Agripas) now serving complete meals for 36 Nis! Different mixes! All gluten free, sugar free, dairy free!

Also serving…

Crudete- 12 Nis 

Carrot salad- 15 Nis

Beet salad- 15 Nis

Brown rice- 15 Nis

Pineapple salsa- 15 Nis 

Numi rolls- 16 Nis 

Zoodles w/ sundried tomato sauce- 16 nis

Chia pudding – 19 Nis

Cold bean soup- 21 Nis

Asian salad 23 Nis

Spring rolls- 23 Nis

Rawsome cake – 35 Nis

Complete vegan meal- includes a protein, starch and veg…sometimes dessert- 36 Nis 

Briah- LIVING CUISINE complete meal- includes dehydrated cracker, dip, salad with protein, and a dessert! -62 Nis 

*prices reflect the use of organic products, when possible. And high quality products.

**all products are gluten free, dairy free, and processed sugar free. 

***Rabbanut Hechsher. Dairy facility.


9 thoughts on “I’ve started my own raw-vegan cafe!!!! Bh!!!

  1. Can I post this on Facebook???


    Jeff Auerbach Auerbach’s Protein Partners Independent Sales Representative for Anderson Beef Auerbach18@gmail.com 720-838-0938

    Concentrate all your thoughts on the task at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” ~Alexander Graham Bell



  2. Good luck Hana!
    We’r surely going to come by ur place. I love ur stuff. I’m sure it’ll b a great hit.

    נשלח מה-iPhone שלי

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  3. Looks sooooo good! But I’m in Haifa! Wish you all the best. Judith Teich ( met you in Alummot)

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