On September 11, 2013 I made Aliyah. On Sept 11, 2015 I planted seedlings to make my own vegetable garden. I’ve watched these babies grow over the last 3 months and have now moved my little seedlings to their own planters- as they are now strong enough to grow in deep soil.
After watering my seedlings daily and patiently waiting and anticipating to see if they would actually sprout, I learned a lot about my life.
Growing takes time!

Over the last two months I have been taking a permaculture course- learning how to build in harmony with the land. Learning about plants, soil, compost, gardening and more!
I’m taking this course because I believe it is important for me to learn the entire process- from seed to plate..in hopes that one day, my educational kitchen will have its own garden.
This shabbos I would like to bless us all with the patience to understand that growing takes time. Growing can only happen through dedication, commitment, and faith- that at the end of the day..our roots are growing deeper and our sprouts will continue to blossom.
Come on over in about a month for some organic, #chefrawraw grown kale, chard, spinach, kohlrabi, lettuce, bok choy, parsley and dill!




8 thoughts on “#happychefrawraw

  1. Julie,
    I think you growing in all directions is GREAT…you are a very special person and reading your blog really made me think also smile. You look great. Someday I will see you in Israel…
    Love you, Lauri


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