Soul food

Hello hello to my 744 blog followers!

Let’s be honest…I only know who about 13 of you are…so I’m not really sure who out there is reading this, but I’d love to hear from you if you read this so I can know who’s out there!

Until now, my blogs primary focus has been on food, mixed with tidbits of my personal, physical journey’s in life.  I’m taking a shift in focus and while I will always share something food related, (view my youtube video of me making raw-vegan sushi below), I’m going to focus on writing about my spiritual journey.

I feel as my entire journey of moving from Colorado to California to Oregon, to Colorado and to Israel, was done in a rather quick manner because my soul was telling me I NEEDED to move quickly in order to get to where she wants to be; in Israel.

So now I’m here, and my soul is trying to get me to recognize her.  Last month when I traveled to the States for a month I read the book G-d Winked, by Sara Yocheved Rigler, and as I read this book my heart began to beat faster than usual.  As if I was reading my truth and up until this point, I had not known myself.

The book talks about G-d and Judaism.  If I lost you now that I’m talking about G-d, let’s come to an understanding.  In my mind G-d is the Infinite Energy and Master that controls the world I’m living in, (for you, Universe, Jah, Spirit etc. might explain the same feeling).  So I’ve been praying to G-d a lot recently and rather quickly I seem to be learning more and more things about myself that just seem right.

For example, as I was walking Charlie(my pup), the other day I was practicing Hitbodedut (a practice in which I pray out loud, wherein B’H I’m able to communicate things from the higher realms), and I said to G-d, “I am having a hard time calling you King or master when I’m telling you about my problems in life.  How am I to address You?  And suddenly it came to me: Magnificence!  Magnificence is one of the names for Hashem and all of a sudden I felt Magnificent myself and was able to have a genuine heart to heart!

On this same walk I thought about a conversation I had with a friend regarding tattoos.  He told me I should get a tattoo of G-d on me…so I told him that would mean I would get a tattoo of myself? (We are all made in the image of Hashem right)? And suddenly, BOOM!!! I felt like I needed to cover myself up!  I have been wearing skirts for five days now!

The new Hebrew month of Tamuz just began and this is a month that takes us from darkness to light, if we are able to control our ego.  I’m in a place in my life that feels so close to knowing my true self, yet every time i discover something about myself my ego kicks in and tells me to go back to my old ways.

Well guess what ego, I’m here to fight you and love you and tell you, with G-ds help, everything will be ok.

Please say hello, if you’re out there!

Much much love,




5 thoughts on “Soul food

  1. Hi Julie, This is Shari Goldstein, I met you when you came to my house in Denver to drop off Yonaton who was going to Camp Ramah. I am enjoying your blogs and hope that you will continue on your great journey. Stop my next time you are in Colorado. Enjoy!



  2. Beautifully written Chanah! As your Daddy, it warms my heart to hear how you are connecting with your Neshama and listening to it as well. You go girl, I could not be more proud of you!!
    Thanks for sharing and love you!



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