New home- signs are everywhere

I just moved into my new home and the previous tenant left tons of things here. One of which being little angel stuffed animals hanging in random spots. So I looked and Charlie and said

hey Charlie, what’s with all the angels??

Ahhhhchhhaaaa….I’m in the right home…(with Charlie and Charlie’s angels…explanation posted in case my ah-ha moment of word-play didn’t come across well in writing…)
With much love, happiness and gratitude,
Julie Chanah


7 thoughts on “New home- signs are everywhere

  1. Juju, so glad you found your place. What r u doing with Charlie when you come to Denver? Can’t wait to see you lovey!


  2. Dear Chana;
    I am very happy for you especially with this last move, new kibbutz, new people, new perspective.
    I know that today life in the kibbutz is not the same as years ago when I lived in Israel. But I always felt that the kibbutz offers so much. Really a place to grow.


    1. Thank you Ada! I am really loving my new home! Just went for a refreshing swim in the kinneret! Was thinking about all of my water exercise classes with grandma! If you’re still taking those classes at the J, I’d love to join for one when I’m home the first two weeks of June!


      1. Dear Chana, great to hear from you, and even better I will see you in person pretty soon.
        Yes I am still taking the water exercise classes – the pool is not as beautiful as swimming in the Kinneret; however the outdoor pool has saline water which smells and feels much better than the old chlorine. I will find out what is the latest with passes and have things squared away before you come to Denver. As you probably know JCC had been under new management on the last years and sometime they make things complicated for no reason.
        Michelle is a beautiful mother, and cannot wait for the grandson to arrive and be with Nicole’s harem of three. As you probably know M&M are working on “his” room and getting ready. Nobody knows the name but we will find out on the naming day.
        See you soon
        Batzlaha raba


      2. Dear Chana I have three passes for JCC waiting for you. Do you want me to give them to your mom or wait until you are here? Anyhow if you need more I will get more.
        Lots of love, hugs and kisses.


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