Update Time!

Shalom l’kulam! (Hey everybody)! Follow me @ladyrawraw on instagram!

Me plating lunch :)
Me plating lunch 🙂

It’s almost more difficult for me to write this post in English, since I’ve been speaking Hebrew for 90% of the last two months here!  I lead cooking workshops in hebrew and am constantly talking to guests about health and wellness, all in Hebrew! I am absolutely loving my job!

First of all, yesterday at Alummot, one of my co-workers called me during my shift, “Chanah! You need to come to my house!  The president of Israel, Shimon Perez, is going to be here in five minutes!!” Shimon Perez was raised on Kibbutz Alummot, so he just popped in for a visit!

Israeli President, Shimon Peres
Israeli President, Shimon Peres

So, what’s been happening since I last blogged? I am now the Executive Chef and kitchen manager at Mizpe Alummot, with five other kitchen employees working with me, and I’m really working hard!  I have had such positive feedback from the returning guests of Alummot, saying they are truly impressed with the food I am creating and that the menu’s have definitely improved.  These comments, and watching people undergo health transformations really make my work-life meaningful!

Working in a kitchen with Israeli’s is definitely a challenge, and keeps me on my toes. This is primarily because our work ethics are completely different and the way we talk to one another is also different…(Israeli’s are much more forward, direct and loud, than anybody else I’ve worked with, ever in my life. 🙂 A good challenge for me, daily.

During my first month at Alummot there were constantly 60 guests (breakfast, lunch and dinner), but now we’re generally at around 45 guests.  95% of the food we prepare is raw-living foods, not including quinoa for Friday night Shabbat dinner and vegetable soup for dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  (Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are juice fast days.. juice for breakfast and lunch, and soup for dinner.  In the summer time, it will be juice for breakfast and lunch, and smoothies for dinner).

My boss is great, and looks after me the way he looks after his own children; the other employees at Alummot are really amazing!

I don’t post that many recipes, because when I get home from work I like to hang out with the new man in my life.  His name is Charlie!

Charlie and me :)
Charlie and me 🙂

Ok, ok, he’s not really a man..but he’s a puppy, and he’s the greatest joy and life force in my home.

I’ve been living in Poriyyah Illit, a beautiful moshav with an amazing view of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).  I met my host family at Synagogue and have been spending Shabbat with them.  I also joined their family for their Passover Sedar.  It was nice to be with family, but I missed my own family very much so!

Downside to Poriyyah is that there are no young people.  So I will be moving at the end of this month to Kibbutz Haon.  There are many young adults here, so hopefully I’ll make some new friends!  Did I mentino this kibbutz has their own private land right on the kinneret – this means my kibbutz has a private beach…do you want to come visit me yet??

What else can I share with you?  I’m happy, my hair is growing back (it’s black and white, but it’s hair)! I’m still happy with my decision to make aliyah, I’m feeling alive, and I’m loving my life.  I miss you, and would love to hear from you!

Enjoy the food slideshow below (go to my blog directly to view it), follow me on Instagram, or “like” my facebook page “Chef Raw Raw” which you can find on the right hand side of my blog www.ladyrawraw.com

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To a meaningful, restful and cleansing Shabbat and Pesach,

Julie Chanah



7 thoughts on “Update Time!

  1. Juju,

    Beautifully written and wonderful email!

    I love and miss you and am so proud of you!

    Shabbat shalom and chag sameach!



    Sent from my iPhone



  2. What a great blog to read! I’m so happy for you, Julie Chanah! #sogladtoseeyousohappy😄. I love you and couldn’t be more proud of you. You’re a true example of Im tirtzu ein zo agadah. You “willed” it and it’s no longer a dream for you. Funny, that’s the saying Dad and I had on our wedding invitation. Love you so much!!!


  3. So very happy for you, Julie. Your strength, determination and smile are an inspiration to all.
    Charlie is adorable and a very lucky puppy to have you for his mommy.
    Keep listening to your heart, and of course, blogging!
    Sending you lots of love from Michigan,
    Aunt Sharon


  4. Dear Julie Channa ,
    This my 3rd or 4th time at Alumot and I agree with those that have been here before that you have “spiced up” the menu. I also enjoyed your recipe demonstrations and your outlook of life that you include in your demonstrations . Keep it up. Wishing you all the best,
    Biba B


  5. Dear Julie Channa,
    I am back in Toronto for Shavuot and I wanted to make the veggy sushi that we had at alumot Do you have the recipe written somewhere? Have a great holiday. I will be coming soon to alumot in the near future BH”. All the best,


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