Movin’ on up!

Literally that is…as I am moving to a more northern part of Israel!

This year on my birthday, (October 3rd), I received a message via LinkedIn, “Hi Chanah, I saw your raw food portfolio….I am the owner of Mitzpe Alumot, the raw food retreat center in Israel.  We are always looking for good raw food chef’s…please be in touch if you’re interested in checking out our place.”

OOOOAAAHH (This is my new favorite Israeli saying…said, when something exciting happens)…The universe was sending me exactly what I put out there! (Check the blog post I posted from 2011:

So, about a month ago I visited Mitzpe Alumot and fell in love with the place.  It is one of the most beautiful places in Israel, with a 360 degree view.  Mitzpe Alumot specializes in juice fasts, colonics, different healing remedies and all in all is the little land I’ve been dreaming of!  This weekend I will be moving, as I am going to be the head Chef and Kitchen Manager!  Our center has a constantly full capacity of 45-60 guests at all times.  Chef Raw Raw is about to be back in action!

I have a new apartment on Kibbutz Poriah Elite…a Kibbutz I honestly don’t know much about, but it’s 5 minutes from Alumot and it’s beautiful.  You will see pictures once I’m all moved.

Last night I threw myself a going away party!  I was amazed by the number of people who came and it really made me realize how blessed I am to have moved to Haifa after making Aliyah.  Doobie’s, the vegan cafe I worked at, became my home away from home, and to Dooby I feel forever grateful!  Thank you Dooby for offering me a job months ago, I love you. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last night’s party at Doobie’s was an open mic night and jam session.  I’ve been singing a lot here, at least once a week, and I’m really finding my voice.  Oh, I’m also finding new hair on my head!  I’ve been going to emotional block therapy…some alternative kind of healing, (through kinesiology), and I have been releasing emotional blocks I built when I was only months old.  Amazing how this healing (among other things) has been changing my life! My brother Michael summed up what’s happening to me here in Israel; “Hashem is nourishing my soul.”

And with that I shall close.  I do feel that my soul is being nourished here, and for that I feel beyond blessed.  Nearly 40 people showed up to my going away party last night, blew my mind, but I now understand how Israeli weddings have hundreds of guests.  At the end of the day, Israel is one big family.

Filled with peace and love,

Julie Chanah

(PS. If the video of me singing and the slideshow of pics didn’t appear in the e-mail form of this blog, feel free to go to my website directly!


3 thoughts on “Movin’ on up!

  1. Juju/Chanah,

    You are so very special And blessed as well. Your faith and trust in HaShem as well as your inner voice are an inspiration to me!
    I love you and miss you!
    PS – good luck on your new job! I’m positive it will be great!!!!
    You go girl!!!!!!’
    Leib du! 🙂


  2. Dear Chana-Julie:
    I am sending you all my positive thoughts.
    Your new work place sounds like a little paradise. B’atzlaha raba.
    Your singing is wonderful.
    Life is good and will get better.
    I am thinking about you often.
    With all my love,


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