My New Israeli Life!


Well, I’ve made it to Israel!  It is hard to believe that I am here, as an Israeli Citizen, living the life I began picturing for myself about five years ago.  I have no regrets that I did not make aliyah at that time, as I am grateful for all of my life experiences in the past, but I am happy to say that I finally feel I am where I am supposed to be.  I miss my friends and family like crazy, but things here are looking rather bright!

Me, at Ben Gurion Airport after landing in Israel!
Me, at Ben Gurion Airport after landing in Israel!

So, let’s get into the details of things!

Job: I am currently working for Puzzle Israel, a specialty travel company that creates culinary tours of Israel, cycling tours, yoga tours, and more!  I am blogging for them about how they have helped me in my journey of making aliyah, and I share some of the cool adventures I do with them, on my blog there!  Please follow that blog of mine if you would like to read about the crazy adventures I am going on with them! You can follow me at 

For this past week, I have been living with Nir, (one of the co-founders of Puzzle Israel), and his family in a small village called Yuvalim.  Yuvalim is in the Northern Part of Israel and it is very beautiful and green up here.  The attitude is very laid back, and reminds me a lot of the Colorado atmosphere.

Place to live: I have found an apartment in Haifa!  I will be sharing the apartment with one other person, who happens to be Nir’s cousin.  I have not spent much time in Haifa but I was there for one night during my last visit to Israel and really liked the vibe of the place.  There are a lot of cafe’s one-block away from me, and I will share more about Haifa once I live there.  My lease is for 6 months only, so this is a perfect starting point for me!

I’ve been in Israel for one-week and I already have a job and a place to live?  I feel beyond blessed :).  This has been a little reminder to me that no matter how hard people might tell me it was going to be for me moving here, my positive attitude has helped me manifest the future I’ve dreamed of!

My favorite Sign at the Peace Sukkah
My favorite Sign at the Peace Sukkah

The holiday of Sukkot is currently taking place and for the first night of the Holiday I went to Jerusalem to spend time with Emly and Ana, two dear friends of mine! For the first night of Sukkot we went to the “Peace Sukkah.”  This sukkah is in the Old City of Jerusalem and is based on co-existence and creating peace.  At one point in the evening, a Palestinian, and myself played a Jewish music game.  We had to sing our favorite Jewish Song/Song about Sukkot that started with each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.  If you know me at all, you know I love Jewish songs, so this was rather fun!  PS. He knew more songs than I did. 🙂

Emly, Ana and I (Right to left)
Emly, Ana and I (Right to left)

The next day Emly, Ana and I went to our friend Diane’s house to eat in her sukkah!  It was really helpful for me to be surrounded by close friends as the reality of me moving across the world, alone, was beginning to sink in.  Thursday night after Chag, we went to TLV for the night to dance!

The Streets of Jerusalem were filled with people buying their lulav and etrog!
The Streets of Jerusalem were filled with people buying their lulav and etrog!

In true Israeli spirit, I went to a festival this past weekend in the North at a small village called Kadita.  The festival was called Earth Dance and it was a global peace party celebrated all over the world.  We listened to a lot of live music, sang around huge campfires, watched fire dancers, danced in the pouring rain to trance music, stomped on the ground singing for the earth, and spent a lot of time giving hugs and looking into one another’s eyes. 🙂

This festival was the first time I really had a chance to sit, be alone, and reflect on the decision I made to make Aliyah.  I felt very far away from my friends and family, and that was hard for me, but then I looked around and met the people around me.  I know beginnings are always hard which is why I’m just taking my emotions as they come, but for all of my friends and family that read this, I’d love to hear from you occasionally!  Those little notes keep my feeling like my community is still close by.

That being said, not a day has gone by that I haven’t mentioned being in awe that this is really my life.  I look around at the beauty that surrounds me, and the stillness within myself, and I feel at home.  So, I know, I’m going to be more than ok!

Sending you love and light! Feel free to comment here, as I’d love to hear from you! And go follow my other blog to see some of the cool things I’ve done thus far!



P.S. I know I shared with you all that I will be going by my Hebrew name Chanah in Israel, but that does not mean you need to change whatever it is you have been calling me up to this point.  I love all of my names, and will respond to anything, as long as you don’t call me late for dinner. 😉


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  1. Shabbot Shalom Chanala (an endearing way beloved Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach would call someone like you who is sweet like sugar (of course we dont usually eat sugar) 😉 We met more than once and most recently at a ChagimTable in Tzfat, Miriam and Dovids. I think it was on Simchas Torah! I hope we can be in touch and share our knowledge with each other! Lovely blog BTW! ❤ Kol tov doc Tikva Cohen, Tzfat


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