Colorado Cooking Classes

Blessings!  I have returned from Israel safely, and will be in Colorado until September, (at which point I will be making Aliyah)!  My life is taking me in a very exciting direction, but before I move away, I would like to spend time working in my hometown community.  If you live in Colorado, and are a part of your Synagogue’s Sisterhood, a day or overnight camp, have weekly gatherings with friends, or want to learn about the art of living foods and eating yourself to nourishment, please contact me!  I would love nothing more than to help you feel your best, through high quality, new tasting, KOSHER, food!

Summer Flyer

Chef Raw Raw colorado flyer – click here to download my flyer and post it in your community!  Please help me spread the word! Contact me for any questions! 303.808.1013.

To feeling alive and blessed,

Chef Raw Raw aka Julie


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