One Love.

I have been craving chocolate.  No suprise there, I’m a woman.  However, I am only a fan of the really dark chocolate, and because I’ve been having some savory culinary fun in the kitchen here in Tzfat, I decided to try and make some chocolates as well.  Well, they have turned out wonderfully! I have made salted chocolates, raisonette hearts, chocolate hearts filled with a tahini/honey mixture (kind of my take on a peanut butter cup), and almond power chocolates, (1/2 sunflower seed-almond energy bars, 1/2 chocolate delights).

I love cacao. :)
I love cacao. 🙂

I am not going to give any chocolate recipes here because I’m eyeing my ingredients and they have not reached perfection.  However, I want to share the love through a picture.

I am sending you all love vibes from Israel.

One Love.

Chef Raw Raw


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