Update time!


It has been a while since I have posted anything, and I have been doing some pretty cool things, so here it is!

I went to Eilat and the Negev last weekend. The weekend was filled with beautiful amazing hikes, a visit to Ben Gurion’s grave, a dance off in the middle of a bar with awesome live music, listening to music at the Eilat jazz festival, a run on the beach, and all around fun and bonding with my group, and other MASA program participants!

Me, feelin' the life in the Negev
Me, feelin’ the life in the Negev
See Galilee Ladies
See Galilee Ladies
See Gal Crew
See Gal Crew
It's necessary to put weird pics on my blog as well..
It’s necessary to put weird pics on my blog as well..

During thanksgiving, Heather, Justin and I put together an alternative Shabbat service.  In Eilat, we led the same service for 100 people!  It was really special.  Multiple people came up to me afterward, asking me if I, “always knew I wanted to be a Rabbi…” Well, I have always felt spiritually connected, and I am looking into becoming a Spiritual Leader, but not through Rabbinical School. (More details to come regarding this, later in time)…


I had my last day of school on Monday.  I truly enjoyed teaching English to my students.  They are really special kids, and the English teacher Sigal is an AMAZING English teacher who believes kids learn the most english through music.  She had me sing my favorite song, “There’s Hope” by India.Arie to the kids and then we took a line from the song and put it on the wall in the english room!

"Stand Up for your rights, Keep shining your light, and show the world your smile" - Quote from "There's Hope"
Some of my students in the 6th grade! Quite the party!
I’m not an angel…just standing in front of a projector! 🙂
Abby and me with Sigal, the best English teacher there is!
One of our students (who also invited us to her house for Shabbat), her mom baked us this delicious cake!
“Stand Up for your rights, Keep shining your light, and show the world your smile” – Quote from “There’s Hope”

The kids through us (Abby and I), a surprise party in every classsroom, with balloons, cake and snacks!  They also compiled a book full of personal thank you notes from all of the kids, to each of us.  I felt very loved. 🙂

free hugs!
free hugs!

I stood on the street in Nahariyah giving out free hugs one day with a group of people I saw giving out free hugs.  They gave me a hug, I said I wanted to give out free hugs, and what do you know?  I’m now part of a group called “Be.”  A group dedicated to making the  world a better place by promoting peace and love.  Actively by giving out free hugs on the streets!  (There are actually people who do this all over the world)!

חיבוק חינם
חיבוק חינם

Alright, I think that’s a fair recap of what’s been happening!  My program ends on January 31st! It’s crazy I have already been here for 5 months!  I have another 3 months to take it day by day and to continue loving the life I’m living in Israel.

I love you!




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