Happy New Year!

During my week in Tzfat, during Chanukkah, I met a very interesting gentleman who told me his soul was filled with too much light.  He told me, he had too much wisdom in his soul, and because of this condition, he was put on medication.  The medication is aimed at keeping him in a “normal” state of being, rather than feeling like he is constantly, in a “high/crazy” state of mind.

This notion of having too much light in his soul, really impacted me, and forced me to take a look at the power of light, and our responsibility as individuals, in this world, to use our light, for good.

Deep inside my heart I’ve got this everlasting lightit’s shining like the sunthat radiates on everyoneand the more that I givethe more I’ve got to giveit’s the way that I liveit’s what I’m living for.
Deep inside my heart
I’ve got this everlasting light
it’s shining like the sun
that radiates on everyone
and the more that I give
the more I’ve got to give
it’s the way that I live
it’s what I’m living for.

Every week, I read the parsha of the week.  We have been reading a lot about Joseph, the dreamer, and I realized he is a great Biblical character to help me gain perspective.  In parshat, Miketz, Pharaoh, summons Joseph to help him interpret his dreams.  Joseph, a man who was constantly in a euphoric state of being able to interpret dreams, might have been looked at by some, as having too much light in his soul, as well.  If he had gone around telling everyone about his dreams, they might have labeled him “crazy” or given him medication.  Instead, his brothers threw him into a pit, a place he might have ended up regardless of how he got there.

Pharaoh summoned Joseph because Pharaoh needed to use Joseph’s skill, to benefit him.  The relationship between Pharaoh and Joseph was symbiotic.  They had created a partnership.  They both needed each other, to make sense of their own dreams.

This relationship made me realize, that all people have a soul filled with light.  How we use our light, is our true challenge.   It is our responsibility, in this world, to find the right tools, to release our light, without overpowering others.  In order to keep us in this world, we must allow ourselves to take, when taking is needed.  But, the light we have within is what will help us move forward into the spiritual realm of the world to come.

“As i make choices to empower myself, I must consider the community’s health. For in the balance of the give and take, a whole new reality, we will create.”

Happy New Year! To a year filled with light, love, health and happiness!



A picture of the group I spent the week of Chanukkah with, in Tzfat.  A group of bright lights, indeed.
A picture of the group I spent the week of Chanukkah with, in Tzfat. A group of bright lights, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Yasher koach my love. Very beautiful. You most certainly DO have much light of your own to give as well as share. Love you and happy Sylvester!!


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