Drumming for Peace

On December 24th I was headed to Bethlehem to form a drum circle on one side of the separation wall, and Palestinians were planning on drumming on the other side of the wall. Both sides aimed at spreading peace and love.

That event was cancelled due to safety reasons so both sides drummed on their own. The one in Jerusalem was moved to kikar tzion on December 25th. Because I had attended midnight mass the night before at tzion gate I thought I knew where I was going. I showed up at tzion gate at 3:10 (the event started at 3), and I realized I was in the wrong place. I figured I missed out on my opportunity to spread peace and decided to wander around the old city.

2 hours later, I landed in kikar tzion where I recognize a friend I had met at the peace gathering. He told me they were just about to start drumming! I was RIGHT on time 🙂

Making Peace <3
Making Peace ❤

The pink hooded sweatshirt in the top left of the heart is me 🙂 check out the entire article in the Jerusalem post! drumming for peace


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