Banana Choco-Nut Energy Bars

Tonight, as a family activity my mom, sister and I made home made energy bars.  We had fun shopping for ingredients from the bulk aisle, and rather than spending $2.00-$3.00 per bar, we decided to make our own!  The total cost of ingredients was $20.  All ingredients listed are raw – containing living energy, for higher vibrational foods! Please contact me if you have any questions!


3/4 C almond butter

3/4 C honey

1 ripe banana

1/4 C cacao powder

1/4 C cashews

1/4 C almonds

1/4 C pecans

1/4 C Brazilian Nuts

1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt

In a large mixing bowl, combine almond butter, banana, honey and Himalayan Pink Salt.  Add chopped nuts to mixture.  Using a 1/4 C to portion energy bars, mold into whatever shape you desire.  To keep energy bars raw, dehydrate at 105 degrees for 9 hours, then chill.  Or, bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.  Let chill.  Wrap individual bars, and enjoy a healthy snack after a morning workout, for a mid-day pick me up, or for breakfast on the go!  To feeling alive!

Chef Raw Raw


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