I failed my 28-Day Challenge

Yep! I failed, and my personal failure of this challenge, has been the healthiest failure in my life, thus far.

Generally, I wouldn’t feel it’s important to share this story with you, however, being one of your healthy eating specialists, I feel what I have learned during the past 9 days, is worth sharing.

A 28-day challenge, is a challenge which I can commend individuals for doing.  The majority of people, however, have a very difficult time committing to ANYTHING for 28-days, let along, committing to ONE thing, for ONE entire day. (Regarding food, anyway).

After I failed this challenge, I had a minor break down.  I was so bummed with myself that I couldn’t commit to this one challenge for 28-days.  I put my situation into perspective.  What would I tell someone else, who failed this journey?  Firstly, I would ask them if they enjoyed, whatever it was they ate.  Secondly, I would assure them, that what they ate was OK, because something in them, wanted to eat that, and they were listening to their body.  Something many people, do not ever choose to do.  And finally, I would tell them just because they failed, does not mean they cannot jump back on the bandwagon, during their next meal.

OK, so I’ll listen to my own advice, and get back on the wagon, but the question I really needed to focus on is, “why did I fail this challenge?”  For me, I realized that I had made this challenge, something larger than it really is.  To pose a 28-day challenge, presents a large picture.  “28 days from now, I will have completed this challenge!”

But, what about days 1-27?  The challenge, I realized, is TRULY, the challenge of NOW.  At this current moment, when I am going to prepare for myself, a meal, that is supposed to nourish my mind, body, and soul, what do I want to eat?  I am the only person in charge of what will be entering my mouth.  I am the only person who knows how sick I will feel if I eat a meal smothered in dairy.  I KNOW that while there is instant gratification that comes along with eating something that is “bad” for me, the feelings after the initial gratification, are not nearly as gratifying.  And, it is up to me, to again, think in the NOW, having my FUTURE, in mind.

SO, for all of you who have been afraid to take on the 28-day challenge, or if you have “failed” the challenge, remember ONE thing.  YOU HAVE NOT FAILED ON YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH JOURNEY.  Your journey, is ongoing, and one which truly holds no failure.  The goal is to feel our best.  The goal, is to look out for those we care about, and try to help them feel their best.  The goal, is to be conscious at every moment, while still holding our future goals in mind.  The goal, is to remember to treat ourselves kindly.  The goal, is to eat and ENJOY a cookie if you really want a cookie, but to pass on the cookie that’s just sitting at the meeting table in front of you.

I thank you all for allowing me to share my failure with you, so publicly.  I, so, enjoy going on this 28-day journey with you all, and hope you are able to find some sort of challenge, and/or inspiration in this e-mail, to help you feel your best.  Because, for meall I want, is for you, to feel your best.

To those of you who are standing strong on this challenge, CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the good work!  Stay strong!

To those of us who have failed, CONGRATULATIONS!  You set an intention, to succeed at a challenge, failed, but I bet you are still a little more conscious about the food you eat, then you were 9 days ago.

To everyone: I challenge you to live in the NOW. (And if you fail, try….now.. 😉

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. J

To feeling alive,

Chef Raw Raw


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