Are your actions in-sync with your words?

feel the radiance, from within!

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know; the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” – Albert Schweitzer

This past weekend was one of the most amazing weekends I have had in a long time.  By facing my past, I was able to let go of burden’s and weight’s I had carried with me for years.  I re-united with old friends, made new connections, and came to the conclusion that my mission, with no uncertainty, is to help other people feel as vibrant, and alive as possible.

I USED to feel sick.  I USED to feel tired.  I USED to have digestive issues, and I USED to accept that my situation, simply, “was what it was.”  This past weekend however, I truly realized that individuals surrounding me, are able to see, that I NO LONGER feel that way!  Old friends, and new friends alike, were all asking me for advice on health and wellness, and I finally felt 100% confident that it is my responsibility, to help YOU feel YOUR best!

SO, here I am.  Approaching YOU.  Because YOU, came to ME, and asked me what steps you could take, to reach your optimal health.  The solution which I present, is one based on my personal health journey.  The steps I took to becoming as healthy as I am, worked for ME.  I am not a doctor, I am not approved by the FDA, and I will not tell you to go off of your medications.

I am however a health coach, and I can advise you, based on my personal experiences.  I am a health coach, that will challenge you to think before you eat.  I am a health coach, who will try my hardest to help you change your LIFESTYLE, and not set you up for failure.  I am a health coach, who is here to educate you about how your body works, forcing you to become a conscious eater.

I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED.  HOWEVER, in order for you to succeed, you must follow my plan.  The closer you follow, the quicker you will see your health improve. No matter what your situation, I will recommend the same, basic, Nourish, Balance and Cleanse program for 3 consecutive months.

Peace and Love.

To feeling alive,

Chef Raw Raw

Step 1: Go to–>join (in red on the top right), joining is free–>united states–> apply now under Independent Business Owner.  Fill out all the information.  When it asks who referred you type in “Julie Auerbach” USA, e-mail “”  You’ll need to create your own login and ID. (If you have a friend signing up as well, have them put your e-mail address, not mine).

**The initial $100 to join by purchasing the marketing pack, is the most beneficial way to sign up. By becoming an IBO you will receive an automatic 20% discount on all future orders. This $100 down payment, pays for itself after your first month’s order.**

Step 2: Place your order

Under herbal drinks you will find calli tea, a morning cleansing tea.  Cinnamon is good for digestion and mint is good for circulation, you will also find fortune delight in this category, an afternoon cleansing tea.  I love peach, my mom loves raspberry.  Sunnydew, a liquid stevia which is a balancing element and helps to feed your pancreas is also in this category.  1 bottle of sunnydew lasts about 1-2 months.

Under herbal foods you will find nuplus.  This is the nourishing element.  The more of this you consume, the faster your body will heal itself.  I like the pina banana, the mixed berry tastes like fruit loops.  If you want a meal REPLACEMENT you can do the chocolate or strawberry vitashakes.  I LOVE the chocolate.
Under herbal concentrates you will find quinary.  This is the powerful herbal packet  bringing all 5 of your systems together as one.  I recommend the powder form.  You take 1 pack of this 3 times a day, with the nuplus.
Your final basket should look like this:
Step 3. Select UPS as your shipping method.
Step 4: I recommend you take a few moments to write down everything in your life regarding your health, journey, feelings etc. that you want to see change.  As your body begins to heal itself your entire life will become better and you can go back and cross things from your initial list!
Once you have placed your order, we will be in touch through 1:1 e-mails, or phone calls.  If you choose to follow my plan, I will be invested in your life, and your health journey, forever.  I look forward to watching and helping you thrive!

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