Fortune Delight Beverage

Scroll to the bottom to see how to order!

for a 25 minutes informative lesson about fortune delight, click here:

Beverages play a critical role in our quality of life.

  • can be mixed hot or cold
  • convenient for travel
  • easy to use
  • mix in 6 oz room temperature water, add to 32oz of water


  1. great energy and mental clarity product
  2. phenomenal anti-oxidant product
  3. Feeds your blood plant-food
  4. provides your body with an excellent source of electrolytes
  5. Flushes your CELLS of toxins!

Why drink fortune delight?

The body is made up of over 65% water, which helps to:

  • maintain temperature
  • maintains proper transfer of oxygen through our blood
  • transfers nutrients to our cells

To order, go to–>join (in red on the top right), joining is free–>united states–> join now underindependant business owner.  Fill out all the information.  Then when it asks who referred you type in “Julie Auerbach” USA, e-mail “”  You’ll need to create your own login and ID. (if you have a friend signing up as well, have them put your e-mail address, not mine).

Your basket should look like this:

You can order any flavor, but I LOVE peach.

PS – If you are interested in making some extra income, order the fortune delight business pack, and share the health and wealth with YOUR friends and family.  Let’s help heal the world together 🙂


One thought on “Fortune Delight Beverage

  1. best afternoon pick me up. I use to always get super tired around 2pm every day, but now I drink Fortunte Delight around that time and feel great!


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