A Healing Mindset..

Written by Dr. Colleen Ceton:

For something as crucial as rebuilding our bodies, it seems almost bizarre
that we would not study the building materials before we bought them and
used them.  If you are going to build a house, it seems you would take the
time to find out what were appropriate building materials, not just choose
the cheapest, or the most readily available.  We are rebuilding our houses –
where we live – every time we put food into our bodies.  Think about it like
that.  It could help you to make better choices.  What are the best
materials?  Do you want to live in a mansion or a dump?  How do we use these
materials?  And how does the body turn these materials into tissue, bones,
teeth, brain etc.

The first thing you need to be aware of is the quality of materials you
purchase.  Plants were designed as our body’s energy source.  When we eat
them, we transfer that energy into our bodies.  Dead processed food can only
transfer death into our bodies.  The fresher and more alive the food is, the
more vibrational energy is going to be transferred to us.  The more energy
the body has the more it has the ability to maintain health and repair

Raw living foods need to be the cornerstones and building blocks of our
bodies.  Sunrider foods are the highest form we can get of raw living foods.
Sunrider foods make it easy, fun and achievable to make major changes in the
way we think about food and health.

Changing is fun, if you have the right attitude-and the right information.
When you are conscious and aware of what you are doing, you can create
miracles in your life and your health.

Benjamin Franklin said.  “When you are finished changing, you are finished.”

We do not want to accept defeat.  We have the power to change our
circumstances and improve our health.  Everyone can!  Starting now and
getting better every day.

There is good news and bad news about changing.  The good news is, you can
totally change the way you feel.  The bad news is that it takes a real
commitment and some serious work.  The good news about the bad news is, it
can be a lot of fun, and absolutely satisfying if you take it on as a
journey of self mastery.

How well our body interfaces with the food we provide as building materials
is our main key to health.  The system that does that interface is our
digestive system.  It is so abused in America that the top over-the-counter
drugs people buy now are digestive aids.

Pills to help digest foods, pills to neutralize stomach acid, pills to force
the rotting mass through the colon.  We do not understand food.  We are
almost totally ignorant of the digestion process. Just knowing what goes on
in digestion, should help you to make better choices.

The areas of concern are:

Quality of foods-how they are grown, harvested and stored.

Preparation of food-should be eaten raw, for maximum benefit.

Digestion and Elimination of wastes.

This talk  is about digestion and elimination of wastes.

The digestive system is an incredible intricate system.  It is self running
and repairs itself at a very fast speed.  It is our front line system that
deals with the outside influences coming into the body.  Think of it as an
approximately 30 foot tube that runs from the lips to the rectum.  Its job
is to turn the materials we eat into microscopic particles that the cells
use to run the entire body.  Also, to separate and dispose of things that do
not belong in the body.  When we eat, what we eat is propelled through the
body by muscular contraction called peristalsis.  As it travels through, the
food is broken down into its components.  These components are to be used by
the cells to rebuild, repair and cleanse themselves.  The whole process of
the digestive system begins with a decision.  We need to decide what kind of
performance we want, what kind of energy output we want, how long we want to
keep our bodies.  What are the trade-in options for a broken down body?  How
much money you will need to save for the years when you cannot take care of
yourself, if you decide poorly.  Basically, what quality of food we are
going to opt for.

Do not think that pricey foods are the measure of good food.  A lot of the
time, the more the foods cost, the more handling, processing and additives
are involved.  Always choose the organic, close to nature fruits and
vegetables, that can provide the body with the vitamins, minerals, amino
acids, fats and carbohydrates that it needs.  Eating is the act of choosing
your fuel and starting it through the system.  It involves an educated mind
and starts with your mouth.

Digestion occurs mainly in the mouth, stomach and small intestines with the
help of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.  This involves breaking down of
fibers and chemicals into microscopic particles.  Next is absorption.  This
is where the food is taken out of the small intestine into the bloodstream
to be delivered to the cells.  The systems mostly involved are the small
intestine, liver, bloodstream, lymph and cells.  Then, assimilation – the
act of nutrients entering the cells.

Lastly, when nutrients are assimilated, an equal amount of waste needs to be
eliminated.  The organs involved in this are the kidneys, liver, bowels,
skin, lungs, and the lymph system.  Basically the entire body is involved in
the process of digestion and elimination.  All the organs playing an
integral part.

More information on our other systems to come…digest these facts, and let’s begin healing!

To feeling alive,

Chef Raw Raw


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