4 levels of health…on which level are you living?

Degeneration – The body is treated without knowledge or care and just like
an old building that has not been kept up… Things start to break and there
is no plan or ability to effect repairs, or a system is now run sloppily or
covered over with dulling drugs. Pain, suffering and dis-ease become the
inevitable outcome of neglect.

Treatment – Taking over for the broken down part by overworking other
areas or trying to take over for the body with chemicals or surgeries.

Maintenance – The hoped for outcome of treatment. Lack of symptoms is the

Regeneration – The body’s own system for repairing every breakdown as it
happens, or the bringing back of an old dilapidated body by the systematic
replacement of already broken down systems…resulting in a high level of
vibrant health.

Sunrider foods are based on the Philosophy of Regeneration…What the
philosophy calls for is the high level respect and care of the body, mind
and spirit….

Sunrider foods actually are so comprehensive of a product that when used in
a program of conscientious self care they can help restore all three aspects
of self-care. Not only a food program for the body but mind and spirit also.

To miss the restorative, regenerative ability of these foods is to miss what
I believe to be a literal “fountain of youth.” Being able to use the foods
to create a dis-ease free state in the body is what sets Sunrider apart from
other programs. No one else has a program that can supply the body with
enough energy and nutrition to turn the tide of degeneration into
regeneration. This philosophy and concentrated whole food program is totally
unique to our company.

There is a basic  program that we start everyone on to begin the
foundational structure for a future of Regeneration. After incorporating
this program into a daily routine, we can specialize or “fine tune” each
program to fit the individual.

Read the post “Can you commit 3 months to your health” to begin regenerating!  I am here, to help you!

To feeling alive,

Chef Raw Raw


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