So you help others, but what have YOU done, for YOU?

It is not my goal to tell you what to do.  Do I want you to feel pressured to change your life, or the way you eat, or live?  No.  Do I want you to feel judged by me?  Absolutely, not.  I don’t want you to feel you have to do anything you don’t want to do, because that would not benefit anyone.  However, I DO want to provide you with the space, to question, yourself, and your actions. 🙂

We’ve reached that period of life when everyone is asking you for something.  On MOST occasions, people are asking you for money.  Daily, I receive e-mails from friends of mine, asking me to donate money, to help raise money for research, while at the same time, helping my friend achieve a personal fitness goal of their own.  I am ALL for supporting my friends, so I am not discouraging anyone from helping them achieve their goals, however, I must question, why it is so easy for people to donate money, to help another person become healthy, while they are not willing to invest that same money in themselves?

We are in a period of growth, enlightenment, personal development, and mindfulness, unlike any other period in time, and I feel more now, than ever before, that it is the time to work on ourselves.  OK, what’s the catch here, lady raw raw? Well, rather than me asking you to invest in me, I am asking you, to invest, in you.  Take a leap of faith, and trust, that this blog is meant, to help you become the best you.


I am here to coach, advise, and guide (with the help of my credible, team of doctors), if you will allow me to help.  If you yourself, feel your best, then please pass this blog on to any of your friends, who are constantly complaining they feel tired, stressed, constantly hungry, sick, depressed, anxious, or overall, unsatisfied.

Let me be here, to help you feel, as good as I feel 🙂

To feeling alive!




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