Who can I blame?

Anybody else, really.

Who’s fault is it?

Ultimately, it’s my own fault.

Recently, I have been working on me.  I know, how ego-centric is this chick?  Well, I know I’m not the only person who goes to bed at night thinking about myself, my day, my high’s, my low’s, and my everything’s-in-between.  When it comes’t to my “low’s” however, it is simple to point fingers.

That’s exactly the point I am aiming for.  To point a finger, and put blame on someone else, is how I have been in the past.  “I had a bad day, because so-and-so made me angry.”  I’ve never been very good at examples, but the point I’m trying to make follows: When someone upsets me, it is up to me to ALLOW myself to feel (insert emotion).  I am in control of my thoughts, my words, and my actions.  To allow someone else to control those emotions in me, is my fault. I can choose to let someone get under my skin, or I can choose to believe my actions, led the other person to react the way they did, which therefore caused me to feel as I do.  See that circle?

I intiate–other responds–I interpret their response.


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