It has been a little while since I last posted, but I am ready to share an experience I had today.

Today, I was speaking with a man, in his mid 60’s, about me losing my hair.  Normally when I talk about my experience, Unconsciously, I go into “auto-pilot” and begin explaining that I have alopecia, “an auto-immune disease that made my hair fall out…but it is what it is, and thank G-d it happened.”

This man, whom I will name Frank, looked me in the eye and said, “ya know, it’s really a blessing in disguise.” To which I responded, “it’s no disguise!  It’s the best thing that ever happened to me! I thank G-d every day my hair fell out, because if it hadn’t, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today.  And today, I’m living my dreams!”

As I was speaking, Frank began to tear up.  Frank began telling me that a lot of immune-diseases are related to our emotions, and he wondered if my hair falling out had to do with my emotions.  I told him that I’m 1 of 5 kids, and as I look back on my life, I realized I repressed a lot of emotion, but now my body is dealing with it.”

I said this all with a large smile on my face, truly meaning that I am blessed to be in my situation, and we all have points that could be looked at as “low,” but truth of the matter is, it’s those low points which (a) make you stronger and (b) allow you to see how good the upside is.

Frank wished that I would have gone through my story more slowly so I could truly feel my emotions. I think he expected me to be more emotional talking about a situation, with sorrow, but in truth, through my smile, my belief that my hair was SUPPOSED to fall out, and my ability to ACCEPT my situation, I was feeling my emotions!  But, me emotions are not sad, my emotions are feeling ALIVE!

I believe Frank is the type of man who takes the weight of the world onto his own shoulders.  My “problems” were larger in his mind than in my own.  While I appreciate his compassion, I hope he can see that an issue is only an issue until you have carried it on your own back.

Toward the end of the conversation Frank told me the ONE lesson he believes everyone should know.


The key to life is the ability to accept your current situation.  Whether you are feeling happy or sad, big or small, mellow or dramatic – if you are able to accept how you are feeling, and be aware that what you are feeling is OK – everything will be alright.

Thank you Frank, you’re a wise man, and I truly enjoyed our conversation.  I will continue to work on accepting all the apples being thrown my way. 🙂

To feeling alive,

Lady Raw Raw


2 thoughts on “Acceptance.

  1. Juju,

    You are wise well beyond your years! I agree 110% with everything your wrote and have always believed that acceptance is the answer to all of our questions about life! I love you and am honored and blessed to be your Dad!


  2. What a great post! Thank you for sharing this. A friend of mine just took an NLP class and afterwards she relayed to me one of the class lessons: that we often carry our issues/life challenges so close to us that we identify with them. But they are really more just things that have happened to us, not necessarily US. But we were discussing those things as negatives. Your post is great because it reminds me that everything that happens to us helps us learn and grow… and in that way, it’s really a positive! ❤


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