Oh what a glorious word.  I think it is important for me to touch on this aspect of eating a raw food diet.

Cleansing takes place on many different levels.  There is the emotional cleanse; which I have been going through off and on for the past few month. The physical cleanse; offend referred to as “being sick.” And, the spiritual cleanse; a cleanse I had never truly thought about until recently.

Try to follow me on my experiences, as they may seem a bit far out, but you have to understand my body is undergoing regeneration, and I am feeling my “birthing” phase, as an adult.  Oh and by the way, I grew 1/2 an inch this past year.  I’m 25 years old, and I’m still growing.  How cool is that?

I really feel that my body is like a plant, and because I am feeding her the most raw, plant based, living energy diet, she is growing.  It’s funny, I have always had “kids toes.” It’s as if my toes were stunted at a young age, for some reason, and my body is finally letting them go free.  Pretty neat.

Ok, I got sidetracked, but this is the first time I’ve blogged, out loud, about my life.  Who know’s who’s going to read this?  Pretty advanced world we have.  If you find you are interested in what I have to say, please say hello! 🙂

Ok, ok, so my physical cleanse.  That’s pretty obvious on the outside.  I mean, my hair has been falling out, growing back, and falling out, over the past 2 1/2 years.  Well, when my hair fell out, I quickly realized I could not hide behind anything.  I mean, I actually stand out.  In every crowd.  SO, I decided to live a happy life.  I’m going to smile at everyone, and live my life to the fullest. How one might ask?  With a big smile on my face 🙂

Figure the old cells in my body are no longer in my body.  All I have are new cells, that don’t know negative energy, bad thoughts, or high fructose corn syrup.  Well, those cells are happy cells.  Those cells are healthy cells.  And those cells are now being overwhelmed with the rest of the world and learning to figure everything out, with wider, clearer eyes.

I see the world differently now, then I did two years ago, and especially over the past 8 months.  (I began raw chef-ing, 8 months ago, and since then, the majority of what I have put into my body has been prepared by me, with my own intentions, positive thoughts, and emotions.  Talk about eating your emotions..)  ANYWAY, one of the coolest experiences I have been having is re-experiencing emotions for the first time.  The other day in fact I was feeling a sharp pain in my back.  Additionally, I felt down, and not like my normal happy-go-lucky self.  I felt relieved once I realized I was feeling sadness.

No, I don’t love being sad, but I do love that I was able to truly feel sadness on an emotional and physical level.  As a friend of mine recently said, it is so much easier to take emotions out on your body instead of truly feeling them.  We know our bodies repress, hide and take on anything we don’t want to face head-on.  Well, through my back pain, and my ability to recognize my emotions, I have been able to move on, and out of that funk.  That funk, was an emotional and physical cleanse of my body.

Cleansing for me has also taken place through random rashes, upset stomach’s, head aches, drowsiness, and feeling a bit “off,” but throughout all of that discomfort, because I believed that with the proper raw nutrition my body could heal itself, I did not take any medications.  My body is meant to heal itself, and that is exactly what it has been doing.  It’s simply amazing.

I recently attended LimmudLA. (LimmudLA is a community of volunteers dedicated to connecting Jews of all ages and affiliations in Los Angeles through volunteerism and cross-communal learning. LimmudLA’s volunteers collaborate year-round, creating learning spaces where Jews can take one step further on their Jewish journies.)  Limmud, re-awoke my soul.  Isn’t it beautiful how all of the Jewish Conferences I attend, wake me up on such a magnificently extreme level?  I am so blessed and grateful to attend these conferences.

**I filmed my presentation on raw food and am working on uploading my presentation**

I have many more experiences to share, so I will post them when I have time to sit and write, but I want you to know cleansing can be intense.  Old emotions re-surface themselves, uncomfortable physical feelings attempt to heal themselves, and everything seems to change in one way or another.  My advice for you is to be patient with your body, and listen to it.  If your body wants rest, take it easy.  If your body NEEDS chocolate, then eat a little chocolate.  Resist temptations, but love yourself.  You have one body, so take charge. 🙂

To feeling alive,

Lady Raw Raw




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