Soul Enlightenment.

My body may be on one high, but my soul takes me to the next realm.

I will share, with you, my spiritual journey, later on in my blogging.  However, if you want a “quick fix” to your soul, I recommend you read the book The Garden of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush.

I have alopecia, an auto-immune “disease” which made my hair fall out.  Over the past two years it has fallen out and regrown (I’m at 88% full head of hair right now!  My lowpoint was 1% full).  Honest to G-d, my hair began to thicken, and fill in much more quickly after reading this book.  Thank you Shane for the recommendation.  I wish only the best for you 🙂

Please leave your comments about the book on this webpage.  I would love for more people to be inspired, enlightened, and spiritually awoken.

To feeling alive,

Lady raw raw


One thought on “Soul Enlightenment.

  1. J, that book is changing lives the world over as a hungry generation of spiritual seekers (Jewish and gentile alike) drink from the soul healing waters of Rebbe Nachman presented by Rabbi Arush. The tools of Chapter Six, Building Emuna are epic. There is nothing quite like personal prayer and self evaluation to know oneself and our Creator. To simply cry out to Hashem and speak words of emuna.

    The translator of the book runs an inspiring blog called Lazer Beams.

    You should know that people write to Rabbi Brody, sharing their experiences and feedback, sometimes asking advice. He often responds, time permitting. I’m sure he’d love to hear your own story from the book. His email is

    Hatzlacha rabbah on the blog,
    Your pal from D-Town


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