Opening Pandora’s Box. Or ladyraraw’s lunch-box. :)

What is raw?

Well, to me, because this is my blog, and you are choosing to read my thoughts, I’ll tell you what I think.

Raw is naked. Raw is pure. Raw is simple. Raw is basic. Raw makes sense.

The most raw information I have ever received has come from my grandparents.  They always tell me how it is.  Recently, my grandmother passed away, and I have been trying to figure out how her missing from my life has changed me.  As my grandma was approaching the end of her life, I began asking her for words of wisdom.  Ya know, things everyone should know but they spend too much of their life trying to figure out on their own?  Well, I have always been one to listen to my grandparents, and while I can’t tell you in my first posting all of the words of wisdom she shared with me, one tip I learned was to express my feelings.  This blog, is dedicated to you grandma, I am going to express to the raw-9 readers how raw has changed my life, on the most incredible level.

So with my new raw-eyes-opened, I will tell you all how a raw lifestyle, on a mental, spiritual and physical level has changed my life.  I will share with you some of my raw recipes, some fascinating lectures, invaluable – age-old advice, and food for thought.

To feeling alive,

Lady raw raw

“I believe everyone should live their life in extremes.  At the crossroads of any situation, ask yourself, is this ‘good,’ or is this ‘bad?’  If you choose good go with good, and if you choose bad, change your choices.  By living a life of extreme’s, in moderation, everything becomes simple. “


2 thoughts on “Opening Pandora’s Box. Or ladyraraw’s lunch-box. :)

  1. What a great lady she was. Your relationship with her continues, not merely in your heart or memories, but in a real sense, though different from the way you’re used to. Neshamos are real… and forever. May her neshama have an aliya.


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