Body Enlightenment.

Close your eyes.

What color do you see?

I see white.

That bright white you see at the beginning of a new tunnel.

And I feel Enlightened.

Thank G-d.


I feel enlightened.  And Thank G-d for that because I truly feel lighter on my own two feet.

I know nobody likes to think they’re being sold something, so I will give you my elevator shpiel in a few minutes. I want to explain the most amazing nutritional addition to my life, and show you how these foods have changed my life.  Now I want to tell you again, this blog is not for sales purposes, HOWEVER if you are interested in the foods I’m talking about, then I suggest you read my testimonial on the other page on this blog.  If you then feel interested to know more about the foods, or better yet just take a shot at it, there’s a 10 day trial pack, and a conference call with me involved, to explain to you the lifestyle change you’ve been looking for.  Sunrider foods, are the easiest addtion to any lifestlye and I guarantee, they will enhance your life, the way they have truly enhanced mine.

With questions about Sunrider, please view my “Sunrider information” tab.  I will answer all questions about Sunrider, publicly in that space, so as to answer any and all questions!  Also remember, I’m not a doctor and these supplements I take daily, are just food.  Food doesn’t “treat” “diseases”, but feeds your body.

If you are not interested in Sunrider, then this is the last you will ever read about it. 🙂

To feeling alive,

Lady raw raw


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